A Felicidade depende muito de NÓS

In Eglish :Happiness depends, heavily, on us

Being happy or unhappy? Sometimes this choice runs away from our control, other times we are the ones who got lost. Because every day we have to choose!

I’ll be happy today, or unhappy?

Today I’ve decided for the happiness, even feeling exhausted; Even if discouragement wants to overtake me; Even if I feel like crying…

Today I’II fight, and fight …

Today I’ve decided to be happy and to smile. I will put aside the sorrows and worries. I’ll lend value to the small things of life, I’ll escape from what hurts me, and I’ll hang out with worthy friends that make me smile.I will open my arms to the good that Life brings me today, and smile, smile of small nothings …simple acts…when listening a song I like, I smile upon receiving a friend’s sms. The unexpected of the day, it might even be good.

And today, adding all the small nothings… I’ve decided that with those small nothings I’ll simply be happy!! ….


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