Trem da Vida…

Life is like a train journey
Some time ago, I read a book that compared life to a train journey, a very worthwhile read

Our life is like a train journey, full of shipments and landings of small accidents along the way, of pleasant surprises with some shipments and sorrows with some landings.
When we are born, the moment we departed on this train, we found two people that we believe will make the trip with us till the end: our parents. It is not true. Unfortunately, in some station they land, leaving us orphans of their caring, protection, love and affection. But that does not prevent that during the journey, interesting people is boarding who will be special for us: our brothers, friends and lovers.
Many people take this train journey. Others make that journey only experiencing sorrows. And in the train there are also others passing from wagon to wagon, ready to help those in need. Many land, leaving an eternal longing, many others travel on the train in such a way that when they vacate their seats, nobody even notices it.
Odd thing is to consider that some passengers we hold so dear, accommodate themselves in different wagons from us. This forces us to make this trip apart from them. But that does not stop us, only with great difficulty, we cross our wagon and arrive at them.
The difficult thing is to accept that we can’t sit next to them because someone else
already occupied that place. This trip is like this: full of abuses, dreams, fantasies, waits,
arrivals and departures. We know that this train will never return. Let us make this trip in the best possible way, trying to keep a good relationship with everyone, seeking what each one has to offer, remembering that at some stage the path may fail, and probably we will need understand that. Ourselves weakening sometimes, and certainly, someone will understand us. The great mystery is that we don’t know in which stop we will go down. And I wonder, when I get off this train will I miss this? Yes!! Leaving my children to travel alone will be very sad; separating myself from friends I made on it, the love of my life, will be painful for me. But I hold on the hope that, at some point, I will be at the main station, and I will have the thrill of seeing them coming up with their luggage, the luggage that they had not when they embarked. And what will make me happy is knowing that somehow, I collaborated so that this baggage has grown and become invaluable. Now, at this moment, the train slows down for embarking and disembarking people. My expectation increases, as the train decreases its speed… Who will come? Who will leave? I would like you to think on a landing train, not only as a representation of death, but also as end of a story, something that two or more people have built and that, at for a minimal reason they let it collapse. Glad to realize that certain persons like us, have the ability to rebuilding it from the start. This is a sign of determination and struggle, is knowing how to live, you get the best of “all passengers”. Thank you so much for being part of my journey, and though our seats are not side by side, for sure, the wagon is the same.

Gostamos de ouvir de você.

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